Experience Cinema's Best at HUDSONFILMFEST

Hudsonfilmfest New York LIVE EDITION 2023

Day 1 April 13, 2023 4Pm to 7:30 PM 
Filmmaker's Interview 
Ripley Grier Studio

Times Square Mega Wide HUGE LED Screen Ad launching all hudsonfilmfest filmmakers
8 PM 

Day 2 April 14, 2023 Film
 Screening TheGrand Theater Producer's CLUB
 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM 

Day 3 April 15, 2023
Awards Ceremony The Penthouse Hudsonfilmfest 2023 

Winners Best Film of the year 2023- Activismo: Art & Dissidence in Cuba Directors Philip Sugden, Carole Elchert 

Best Feature Film - The Game Director Ana Lazarevic 

Best Documentary - Holy Prostitution Director Natasha Dematra Raised Up West Side Director Brett A. Schwartz Best 

Short Film - Where To Now? Director Brady Bryson 

Best Performance - Lenven Rambin | Where to now? Best Hybrid Film - This Mortal Plastik Directed by Jess Irish Best Cinematography - Portal 3 Fantasy Directors Sam Schwartz, Brent Ruiz 

Best Original Score - Omar Camps- Kamrin Robin Hood 
Impact Award - Robin Hood Director Leslie Kincaid Burby 
Top movie of the year | Audience Choice Award - Robin Hood Director Leslie Kincaid Burby 

Editha Award - A film for Women Empowerment- The Closet Letter Director Katherine Monroy 

Best Original Screenplay- Sarah + Joey Director Aidan Matthew Turner 

Best Music Video - Brandon Jerrod | For a good time

The HudsonFilmFest 2023 recently took place from April 13th to 15th, and it was an immense success. The festival celebrated the finest cinema from around the world, featuring a diverse range of films from seasoned filmmakers and up-and-coming voices alike. The festival drew crowds from all over the world, who came together to partake in the festivities and revel in the power of storytelling.

The event was a great opportunity for filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work and to connect with fellow artists, industry professionals and film enthusiasts. The festival's screening schedule was packed with a variety of films, including short, feature-length, Hybrid, Music Video and documentary films. 

On behalf of Hudson International Film Festival we would like to congratulate all the filmmakers who participated this year. Your artistry, creativity and dedication are essential to the continued growth of the film industry. We encourage you to keep using your unique voice to tell powerful stories that resonate with audiences around the world.  



Box Office Film Screening at Producer's Club 

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